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Carolina Creek Christian Camp was founded by Dr. L.E. and Shelley Richey. Dr. Richey is a radiologist and businessman who has enjoyed many years of success in the imaging industry. Wishing to make a lasting contribution to the community, he began to focus on the needs of the youth, particularly in the area of spiritual and moral development.

As a member of one of the Houston area's largest churches, he witnessed a trend of students' lives being significantly impacted at summer camp. As he continued to pray about the significance of the camping experience in reaching kids for Christ, an idea to build a non-denominational Christian camp began to form. After researching the costs involved, the needs in the Houston market, and the personnel required, Dr. and Mrs. Richey began pursuing this dream in August of 2000.

Today less time is available at home to teach and reinforce moral and spiritual values than ever before in our nation's history. Meanwhile, value teaching has been virtually outlawed in public schools. As a result, the movie industry, the music industry, television, advertisers, the news media, and peer groups have moved quickly to take advantage of the time that was previously spent imparting values in the home and at school. The Carolina Creek staff is convinced that there is a direct relationship between this decline in time devoted to value instruction, and the exponential increases in youth crime, suicide, teen pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse.

So what can be done to help combat this decline in time spent teaching values? According to Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA), the national organization of Christian camping, a Christian camp experience has proven to be one of the most successful vehicles available today to assist students in making positive life-changing decisions. In fact, schools, social agencies, mission agencies, colleges, and churches all utilize Christian camps because true community is experienced, relationships are established with God and with others, memories and major life commitments are made, and tomorrow's leaders are developed. Even the most hardened teenagers can recall the safety, security, and acceptance that they experienced one time in their lives - at camp.


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