Retreats at Carolina Creek

Come experience the array of options Carolina Creek has for your group: zip lines, adventure park, giant swing, power poles, to the reflection and quietness of God’s creation on the banks of the creek, and so much more. We want to inspire your group to reach new heights as they connect with each other while learning more about themselves. Helping people get closer as a group and get closer to God in the beauty of His creation is what we specialize in… Let us help you design your next retreat.

Housing and Camp Centers – A variety of accommodations

We offer an array of housing options to accommodate your group. 

Bunk-style cabins have two rooms of 7-10 bunkbeds, with indoor restrooms and showers which sleep up to 20 people.

Private Lodges accommodate up to 100 guests, housing 50 guests on each end of the building, separated by a large, open meeting space in the center. The meeting space is able to accommodate 175 guests.

The Adult Guest Lodge (located in the Creekside Camp Center) is hotel-style lodging ideal for adult retreats, or for leaders, coordinators and speakers. The shared central “great room” includes a full-size kitchen area, coffee station, large covered patio, and living and dining rooms. There are 12 individual rooms, each with two queen-size beds and private restrooms.  Sheets and towels are also provided.

Three “Camp Centers”, One Great Camp!

Lakeview has 400 beds, a worship center which seats 420 guests, and an outdoor meeting space that has a gorgeous view of the lake and seating for 500 guests.  This camp center is complete with five additional breakout rooms and accompanying activities. 

Creekside has 450 beds, the largest worship center with seating for up to 750 people, and six additional meeting rooms to facilitate your retreat.    This camp center has the largest pool, the easiest access to the Carolina Creek waterfront, and also has a quaint coffee/snack shop.

At The W!ld you can to step into the world of imagination, as the front of each cabin is the cartoon face of a wild animal: monkeys, zebras, lions, and more!  Each cabin accommodates 20 guests, and since they are two-story cabins, each has a fireman’s pole and curly slide exit as a “tail.”  The W!ld has the “Ark” for a meeting venue, with seating for up to 1000 guests.  This camp center has 336 beds, two additional smaller meeting rooms, a water park, additional activities and a large dining hall, which makes it ideal for family reunions or for groups with a large number of children attending.

Want to Learn More?

Our coordinators can help solidify your group’s needs and craft a great experience.

Give us a call at (936) 594-4446, email [email protected], or give us your information and one of our coordinators will reach out to you.