News from the Creek

Operation Purple at Carolina Creek

Carolina Creek is really excited to announce a new partnership we have with the National Military Family Association. The NMFA serves military families by connecting them with resources to aid in their military life. Not only are they a supporting force behind our service members but they have not forgotten the service member’s spouses and children. A large division of the organization that connects Carolina Creek with the NMFA is Operation Purple. Essentially, Operation Purple is a grant that sends military kids to camp free of charge.


Don’t Mess With Roosters

I learned a lot about safety when I was a kid growing up on my grandparents’ farm. I learned that a barking dog can sometimes bite. The higher you climb up in the tree, the farther you may fall out of the tree. Horses, cows, sheep, and hogs are bigger than you are, and they do what they want. Tiny newborn kittens are cute, fluffy, and precious, but in about two weeks they will be capable of shredding a human hand. And finally, roosters, whether provoked or unprovoked, can often be little more than writing, feathery masses of sharp bone and unbridled rage. Thankfully, not all of these lessons were learned from experience.


From California to Texas

It was barely the new year when I packed up my car with all of my possessions and began to drive across the country to Huntsville, Texas: a place I had only been to twice before, and the direct antithesis of where I had grown up. As the drive continued I watched my life change in front of me, from the landscape, to the climate, and even the time zone. And let me tell you, it’s true what they say– everything is bigger in Texas. As a kid born and raised in the state of California, never having lived more than an hour away from the beach, I never imagined I would end up here.