Operation Purple now at Carolina Creek

Carolina Creek is really excited to announce a new partnership we have with the National Military Family Association. The NMFA serves military families by connecting them with resources to aid in their military life. Not only are they a supporting force behind our service members but they have not forgotten the service member’s spouses and children. A large division of the organization that connects Carolina Creek with the NMFA is Operation Purple. Essentially, Operation Purple is a grant that sends military kids to camp free of charge.

Katie Moyer
Program Administrator

The name Operation Purple was birthed out of a perfect mix of Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine Corps Red, and Navy Blue. The curriculum designed by the NMFA helps kids to cope with deployment or adjusting to life after a war-related injury. The big idea is to help kids understand that they serve too! They are faced by constant challenges due to the military lifestyle and they get to spend a whole week dedicated to honoring and discovering who they are.


When I brought the idea of Operation Purple to our Executive Director,  Lisa Olson, she quickly urged me to apply. I’m not even sure last summer’s camp was over when I was reaching out to NMFA to see how we could get involved. The NMFA has high standards and I spent hours gathering our best photos of camp, thinking through accommodations of combining Operation Purple with our current program. I answered questions about how we trained our staff and what our cabins were like. I compiled all our activities and unique opportunities and tied it all together with the honor it would be to serve military families at Carolina Creek. A few weeks later we were accepted to receive a grant to send 100 kids to camp!


It is a privilege to share about a program so near and dear to my heart. I was introduced to Operation Purple for the first time in 2013 as a counselor at a camp outside of Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The campers I met had incredible stories. Due to their parents’ service in our armed forces, some of them had gone to a new school, every year, for nine years (talk about resilient!). Others had parents with a disability due to war leading to major home renovations and altered lifestyles. The Operation Purple campers made friends easily and I quickly grew a passion to serve our military families. The highlight of the week was when at closing ceremonies a father surprised his son, returning early from active duty. As you can imagine there wasn’t a dry eye in the place as they reunited!


So you might be thinking, “What a cool program! how can I be involved?” Here are three practical ways you be involved in Operation Purple and giving back to service members and their families.

  1. Share. Share this link on facebook or with military families you may know. While Operation Purple is joining Carolina Creek this summer, they offer camps nationwide! You may know a family not in Texas that would benefit from this program.
  2. Pray. Pray for Operation Purple happening at Carolina Creek June 3-9, 2018. The NMFA is non-denominational organization that support families from all walks of life. We are so excited to invite campers to Carolina Creek and see God do big things in their lives!
  3. Donate. Upon being accepted as an Operation Purple, Carolina Creek financially makes a commitment to pay 25% of the camper’s tuition. you can click donate here, and give to our scholarship fund that supports partnerships like this. We can’t do it without you!


We are excited to partner with Operation Purple this year and believe the God is going to do some amazing things through this experience. We’ll post again soon for an Operation Purple update once things get underway.

Katie Moyer

Program Admin