More Fun than You'll Know What to Do With...

Something for Everyone

Creek Week campers get to choose a track. Everyone gets to do a little of everything and a lot of the thing they like the best.


Those in the Adventure Track will spend half of their activity time in a harness, swinging, zipping, leaping, climbing and working with teams to conquer challenges. You’ll still get on the big water, enjoy the cable park and other activities like archery battle and basketball, plus the chance to express your creative side.


Those in the Aquatics Track will spend half of their activity time in the water. You’ll be wet all week with two days in the cable park, two days boating on the big water, plus kayaking and time at the waterfronts. Other activities include high and low adventure courses, classic camp favorites like Frisbee Golf and Gaga ball, and some dabbling in the arts.


Those in the Arts Track will spend half of their activity time participating in dance and drama classes, creating music with their peers, and expressing themselves through visual arts or writing. You’ll still get out on a lake for a ride on a tube or banana boat and still get to swing from the trees and enjoy the pool and classic camp favorites.


Those in the classic track will do a little of everything! You don’t have to choose. Equal time in water sports, adventure, art, and classic activities allows you to sample all of the best that Carolina Creek has to offer. What are classic camp activities? Gaga ball, Basketball, Archery Battle, Blobs, Gorilla Gun Man, Nine Square and more.


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