Lynn C, Parent

Our daughter is shy but camp brings out confidence in her. Thank you. Love the sweet spirit at camp and the location near Houston. Also, love the ethnic diversity of the counselors.

Colleen K., Parent; Houston, TX

The whole camp is anointed: the office staff, the band members, the nurses, cooks, and all those amazing counselors who love Jesus. The entire place is blessed and beautiful. When we showed up we were a broken family of divorce and single parenting and an absent father… We have been encouraged and ministered to in so many ways. God bless your camp ministry.

Kimberly F., Parent; The Woodlands, TX

We were so happy about the calm efficiency of check-in at Carolina Creek! I sent one medically-challenged child and one prone to homesickness who had a previous bad camp experience. I worried about them a lot, but it was a great experience for both – they can’t wait to go back! I also really loved and appreciated the photos that were posted online during the week. It helped me worry less to see their happy smiles in the pictures!

Shannon A., Parent; Tomball, TX

She loved her experience and I believe camp helped develop her faith and strengthen her relationship with Jesus. She is still little and this was a short session, but I am hoping each year she learns more and more. My daughter really loved her experience and was asking to come back before we even left. She had an amazing time and her counselors were awesome. The camp has come so far since my son attended a few years ago. The gym is awesome! When we arrived for drop off, it was pouring rain and your counselors were outside waving us in. I thought their dedication was pretty outstanding.

Reynaldo R., Parent, Damon, TX

My girls had more questions about God and the Bible after camp. More desire to learn. And, having to answer their questions helps me to also study and grow in the Lord. I am grateful to God for allowing my kids to attend Christian camp year after year.

Gregory H., Parent; Richmond, TX

My kids came back from camp with a broader view of life, an introduction to Christianity, and overall seemed happy with their experience. We sent our kids to give them a broader experience in life and religion and I think it was a very good experience for them.

Heidi M., Parent; Richmond, TX

Our son came home with a very matured outlook on his desire to grow closer to God. He obviously had counselors that shared real-world examples that he was able to relate to. Our first devo night of the 21-day challenge opened up 45 minutes of conversation that led to huge personal growth for him. He went from going to church only for the donuts and “free play time” to understanding it was much more. His language about “singing fun songs at camp” changed to “it was fun worshiping God.” He is very motivated to read and study the Bible himself. He has shown examples of putting others first and being less selfish in situations.

Jessica O., Child; Huntsville, TX

My daughter loved meeting new friends, but the greatest impact camp has had on her is turning her into a total encourager! She has been extra loving and supportive of her little brothers since returning from camp.

Cheyenne L., Parent; Livingston, TX

My son comes comes home with a great attitude and he is eager to dive deeper into his relationship with Christ. He always comes home full of questions about scripture that he has learned, or about questions that other kids have asked! We are so grateful for our son’s experiences at Carolina Creek! Watching him grow in his last 5 years at camp has been a real treat.

Leah W., Parent; Huntsville, TX

My son gave his life to Christ at camp this year. It has been a life-changing experience for not only him but our family.

Sabrina S., Parent; Fulshear, TX

My son had some extra help and attention from the staff and his counselors while he was there, and it was very touching to see how receptive my son was to them.

Dana T., Parent; Porter, TX

Our daughter had an amazing time at camp. She made new friends and learned a lot. She loved that the counselors remembered her from previous stays. She loves it so much she wants to work there one day.

I have nothing negative to say at all! We love this camp.

Christina W., Parent; Cypress, TX

My daughter has always had a low self-esteem and confidence. Every time she goes to camp she comes home excited, confident and learns something more about herself and God. She always has a great experience!

Brittny S., Parent; Montgomery, TX

My son was able to unplug and make new friends! He tried new things like zip lining which he thought he was scared of heights. He was so energetic and happy to talk about Jesus and what he learned.

Samantha R., Parent; Huntsville, TX

My daughter is VERY attached to me and does not like to be away from me for more than one night. I was a little worried about how she would be, but it turned out that she had a blast and even made new friends. I’m extremely proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone and having fun. Thank you so much for being so amazing with my daughter and I pray that she will be brave enough to do a whole week next summer. I love this camp. This was our first year to have our daughter attend, and my husband and I are very impressed.

Breantanitca T., Parent; Nacogdoches, TX

Thanks sooo much for allowing my son to attend camp this week it’s been a huge blessing to my son tonight we got home and he got his bible and his Devo book and started looking up scriptures I’m forever thankful for the positive influence this camp put in his life. This was his first camp and I can already see the positive influence the camp staff left on him. He did this on his own and it gave me so much joy.

Jessica N., Parent; Cypress, TX

Gracie shared what she learned and experienced the whole way home!! She had a verse memorized and asked if her and I could start doing devotionals together!!

Thank you!!!! The counselors were amazing and even though Gracie was only there for 3 days I felt like they really got to know her! Amazing camp!!! Next year will be year 3 and hoping to get our son to go when he is ready to sleep away from Mommy and Daddy. 🙂

Teresa H., Parent; Cypress, TX

My daughter had a great time, made new friends, and the experience helped her self-esteem.

Lisa S.B., Parent; Woodlands, TX

I have been really encouraged by our experience at The W!LD over the last few years. The counselors are always outstanding, caring, strong in leadership and strong in faith. I like the traditions and team building. I also like the evolution of traditions in the last couple of years. My 7 year old calls his week at Carolina Creek the best week of summer.

Sarah R., Parent

This was my son’s first overnight camp experience, and it was a great one. He says that the counselors are the best ever. He says that they were always there to help him if he didn’t understand something. Whenever he asked for help, they would always help him. Also, he LOVED the zip line and had so much fun! My son came home wanting to learn more about the Bible and about Jesus.

Julie B., Parent

My daughter has attended Carolina Creek for three summers and loves it more every year. She is attending three sessions this summer. She feels so strong and independent after camp and always keeps her journal and notes from her Bible lessons to refer back to. I am so thankful to have Carolina Creek for my kids.

Melissa G., Parent

Great Job!!! This is the second year for my camper, and he has been over-the-top excited and pumped each year. We never make it out to the highway before he asks if he will get to come back next year! I (as well as others) see an overall confidence boost in my camper. I believe that life-long lessons are made during these sessions that impact campers for not just their life but for generations.

Allison D., Parent

My son has attended camp for the last 3 years, and he absolutely loves it. His behavior has changed a lot around the house. He’s very helpful now and has a lot of self-confidence. Before he was a little timid and scared to try new things; every summer after camp he has this new attitude, and I absolutely love it.

This camp is a life changer for my son every year. Sometimes it takes someone outside of family to encourage and motivate our youth. From the songs, dances and activities, your team is making my son a very honest young man, and to top it off, his love for God continues to grow.

This is an awesome camp. From the food, activities and counselors, my son loves it and so do I. Keep up the good work. Your team is running an outstanding camp. See you next summer!!

Brittany M., Parent

Our kids have improved their relationship with each other in a loving way. They have also shown a great sense of responsibility since returning from camp. As soon as they returned, they taught their older brother the “Church Clap” dance and now they perform for family and friends all the time reminding them of what they learned. Additionally, both of my boys were able to learn more about God in an entertaining way which has had a huge impact on their relationship with each other and self-esteem. Thank you so much for affording us this opportunity and giving my family memories to last a lifetime.

Vicki S., Parent

Our granddaughter accepted Christ, and came home with an amazing understanding of salvation and living a Christian walk.

Eloy Z., Parent

My child is only 6 years old, and I saw a huge change in him and his behavior. He is more independent. He grew up a lot during the week he attended. He immediately downloaded all the Camp song in his Spotify library. That is awesome!!!

Andrea L., Parent

Last year and this year, my child has grown so much spiritually from camp and seems to have deeper understandings about things he learned. When I asked him last year what his favorite part of camp was, I was expecting to hear him say the Ocean, or the Jungle, etc. but he responded with saying “when I accepted Christ.” My husband and I were pleasantly surprised with his answer. He completely adores his camp counselors and says he wants to be one when he grows up.

Donabel Q., Parent

My daughter came back with more confidence, but most of all, she has developed a routine to read the Bible every night before bed. I am very impressed with the spiritual development instilled in my child. Keep up the great work!

Candace M., Parent

The counselors were exceptional. When my daughter got home, I expected to hear all about the water park, jumping pillow, giant zebra cabin, etc… Much to my surprise, I only heard about those things when I asked her. All she could talk about were her counselors: who they were, what they looked like, funny things they said, lessons they taught her, what they did with her, how they prayed. Your facility is absolutely incredible, and it’s what made my daughter excited to go. BUT…the counselors are the reason she will return. She’s still talking about them every day.

Ashley H., Parent

I thought that my daughter might be too young for camp (not quite 6), but she had the BEST time. It gave her more confidence, spiritual development, and exposure to new activities. She is already talking about going back next year!

Amy T., Parent

I found Carolina Creek very inviting. All of the staff were very helpful with all of my questions. We only did the 3 night stay this year, but next year we will sign our kids up for a week.

Heather E., Parent

It was my daughter and her friend’s first overnight camp. They had an amazing experience at camp; so amazing that they didn’t want to leave. They loved their counselors and all the new friends they made while there. What a blessing this camp is for these kids. Closing ceremony was great, too.

Stacy S., Parent

I truly cannot praise your staff enough. They were kind, courteous, incredibly helpful and overly accommodating. With this being our first time to send our kids to camp, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn about the photos being posted on the website to view. I found myself checking the site multiple times a day to see a glimpse of their adventures. It was also a great source of conversation upon their return and it prompted new stories as they saw the pictures of themselves as well.

Jason B., Parent

We just got back from picking up our daughter from a week at The W!LD. She had an absolute blast and is already missing her camp friends and counselors. She said the food was awesome, and she was having so much fun she didn’t have time to get homesick. When asked what her favorite thing about the camp was, she said the counselors. They truly had an impact on her. They are a fun, outgoing group of kids, who demonstrate the positive attributes that make this place special. There was so much to do, but our daughter also had some good down time to reflect and absorb all the Christian teachings as well. She has come back to us a happy, renewed and fulfilled girl. This place is amazing!

Stephanie A., Parent

Awesome experience! One of the best in Texas. Come see for yourself. We come as often as we can. Once a year is just not enough.

Steven B., Camper

I made a new best friend and came closer to Christ. It was amazing, and I’m looking forward to coming again. I also overcame my fear of heights. Thanks, Carolina Creek for an awesome week with you!

Angie, Camper

This place is amazing! I signed up to go here from a club in my High School and I absolutely love it here. Great time to get away from your everyday normal life and just have fun! Everything is all scheduled out so you can have loads of funzies!

Shay S., Parent

Picked my son up from camp today, and I must say I am beyond impressed. This was my son’s first time away, and he had such a GREAT TIME. I LOVED everything about the camp, the counselors were awesome, and I could feel the love that everyone has for Jesus. We are already in the process of planning for my son and 8-10 of his friends from church to go next year.